Leadership, Education


and Apprenticeship Program

LEAP: A New Kind of Internship

Heico has always been about people. We believe that the success of a business comes from the talent within it. Our goal is to follow this philosophy by investing in our employees and their futures. To achieve this goal we created LEAP: Heico’s Leadership, Education, and Apprenticeship Program.

Not the Average

LEAP is a summer internship and apprenticeship program aimed at students trying to obtain their Bachelor’s degree. At Heico we know what the average internship looks like: either stuck and ignored in a quiet corner, or turned into an office assistant making copies and coffee full time. “Average” is not good enough for us, we do not waste potential. LEAP is designed to engage our interns in a way that other companies cannot offer.

Leadership and Education

As a privately-owned company, Heico is capable of investing in the individual at a much higher level. Our employees are talented and experienced across the board. LEAP pairs interns with employees in their field, allowing employees to mentor and educate interns about the trade. Mentorship, coupled with our career building classes, leaves our interns with a real work experience and a chance to learn about career paths for their future.


Heico’s large network of manufacturing and construction companies makes an apprenticeship at any one of them a unique opportunity. Join us to learn what it means to truly have the resources to build your career.

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